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Residential Contractor

Expert Residential Contractor Services

COMET Estimating LLC is at your disposal if you’re looking for the Residential Contractor. We have specialized in providing the most precise residential contractor estimating services in the regions thanks to our years of diversified experience in the industry.

There’s a portion of effort that goes into the prep of private building and it’s incredibly essential for the base of making a compelling wander. Each area work is unmistakable and requires a one of a kind expand orchestrate. Working with our residential contractor estimating services will allow you:

Solutions that are cost effective:


● Expert Estimators
● Accuracy and Efficiency
● Faster turnaround time
● Your information is kept confidential
● And most crucially, our bunch is ceaselessly at your advantage!
● Our team works on providing:
● Feasibility cost estimates
● Accurate Bid estimates
● Assistance in controlling costs and budget
● Comparison estimates

And so much more.

It’s basic to create a genuine rundown and exact gauges for the wander, that’s far off truant from botches. That’s where COMET Assessing LLC has you secured, a point by point estimation organise will be made reasonable for you by the gather of pros. All you need to do is visit COMET Estimating LLC

Sample Work for Residential Contractor

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GC Projects

We deal in all CSI Trades like which includes Commercial, Residence, Hospital and Hotel Projects it covers almost all big projects

Drywall Takeoff

If you are looking for the estimation of drywall cost, then MSB can be estimated that you can provide detailed and accurate drywall takeoff. Drywall are soil, repair, installation costs, shetroch quantities, and more different factors, and you need to consider when preparing any Drywall Takeoff estimate.

our drywall service include

Gypsum boards

gypsum board ceilings


Metal/wood studs

Drywall taping

Tracks for studs

Drywall mudding


electrical estimating

looking for electrical estimation services to take cost estimation or electrical materials,

some of the electrical estimating services that we provide to our clients are:

New Construction Electrical Cost Estimates

Residential Electrical Estimating

Commercial Electrical Estimating

Electrical Material Takeoff Sheets

Electrical Project Management


Electrical Work Cost Per Square Foot

Residential Estimation

Residential estimation or material Leaf is the process of measuring the necessary quantity to build a home or other domestic building. The basis of its construction project depends on the flow of the entire construction work.

Steel Estimation

we provide metal estimation services for contractors, clothes, frames, distributors and many other buyers. Verified and accurate content produces production costs help reduce, prevent waste and protect the environment. for steel estimating, we deal with all decks, trusses, fences, stud framing, gratings, joists, and casting. This helps to describe and acquire effectively.

Lumber Takeoff

A typical lumber takeoff includes the count of wood elements like blockings, wooden posts, headers above openings, wall studs, wood beams, etc.

Concrete Estimating

We offer thorough and reliable concrete estimating services to contractors. Our concrete takeoffs and estimates include foundation, footing, slabs, blocks, pavers, driveways, garage, basement takeoffs, parking lots takeoffs, etc

MEP Estimating

Our MEP services include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. With our separate department of expert MEP estimators, we cover everything in our MEP estimates. These estimates include HVAC, sheet metal, ductwork, process piping, pipe insulation, instrumentation & controls, etc.

Masonry Estimating

In our takeoffs, we quantify each and everything in the masonry trade with details and descriptions. These include concrete blocks, bricks, stones, glazed tiles, facing bricks, architectural precasts, marbles, precast lintels, precast sills, steels, and others. Further, for every masonry element,

Earthwork Estimating

If you need a quantity of land for changes in excavation, backfill, shielding, or patriotism, we can help you in this regard.

Commercial estimation

is the process of estimating the cost, time, and resources needed to complete a specific commercial project. This can include estimating design costs, creating estimates for construction or manufacturing services, and calculating advertising expenses

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