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For all of your demands about building estimates, you may trust COMET Estimating LLC. Our qualified staff of estimators has great experience in the field, and they bring with them a wealth of knowledge and a strong reputation in the building industry. Also dedicated to offering the highest caliber and precision in material takeoff and Construction estimating services.

We are able to provide comprehensive responses that are customized to the needs of your project thanks to our broad variety of construction specializations. You can rely on us to produce solutions that won’t compromise on quality when time is of the essence.

Our skilled construction managers and quantity surveyors excel at providing accurate cost estimates for building projects in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. We abide by all rules established by the American Estimators Organization, a licensed organization, and the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE), the top organizations in our industry.

Knowing how to use products like Planswift, Bluebeam,  and others inside and out, modern tools are used by us to guarantee the highest quality. RS Means, Craftsmen, and our own databases are used by us to deliver prices based on postal code with unmatched accuracy.

COMET Estimating LLC is a leader in the field of building cost estimation firms. Because of our dedication to quality, affordability, and simplicity, we are the go-to choice for durable construction quotes. Come add your name to the list of grateful customers who have benefited from our accuracy and professionalism. To participate in the development of construction estimating services nyc, contact us at (737) 276-5126 right away




COMET Estimating LLC is home to expert cost estimators and materials planners. Our construction estimating services have been reliable, and we are experienced on various projects. General Contractors, Architects, and Others Rely on Our Accuracy for Bidding, Design, Budgeting, and Procurement.


Working on growing your mechanical business? The best way to save time and be able to submit additional bid proposals is to work with COMET Estimating LLC.

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Want to speed up tasks while maintaining the accuracy of your estimates? It’s time to stop looking! For your project, COMET Estimating LLC will handle all of your plumbing estimates.

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Want to speed up tasks while maintaining the accuracy of your estimates? It’s time to stop looking! COMET Estimating LLC will handle all of your plumbing estimates for your project. 

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Why COMET Estimating Company?

Our construction estimators and material takeoff specialists have years of expertise, guaranteeing precise and trustworthy estimates every time. We have worked on many different building projects, giving us the flexibility to meet your specific needs. Our clients include General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, Owners, and Others. Our capacity to cater to your requirements through this flexibility is demonstration.

Working with COMET Estimating LLC means committing to precision that can completely transform your building projects. We guarantee that using our takeoff and estimating services will increase the number of bids you win, the standard of your designs, your capacity to manage the cost of construction, and the efficiency of how you source materials.

Fastest Delivery Time

We provide construction estimating services and quantity takeoffs within the fast delivery time of 24 to 48 hours.

Affordable Prices

Our quantity takeoffs and construction cost estimates are always fair in the industry. As a result, we're selling our assumptions and estimates for an average of $200. (However, the exact figure will depend on the scale of the undertaking.)

Precision and Comprehensive Project Estimates

Our state-of-the-art algorithms and construction cost database that factors in ZIP codes allow us to confidently promise you precise projections. Furthermore, upon request, we provide instantaneous access to vendor pricing.

95% Bidding Success Rate

Based on the history of our contractors' bids, we anticipate that more than 95% of the contracts will be won.

Qualified & Professional Estimators

All of the contractors and estimators on our team are experts in their areas and have impressive credentials. They know how to use many tools, such as PlanSwift and RS Means.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service representatives are available at all times, day or night, so you can always get help when you need it.

Why COMET Estimating LLC?

All of CSI's divisions rely on the precision and accuracy of our construction estimation services and takeoffs. Some instances are as follows:

best home furnishings


Our skilled estimators at COMET Estimating LLC think that our estimates plans need to be set up such that no extra material is ordered and nothing is wasted. Every feature of estimation is regarded as extraordinary, and it is understood that each one need a unique process. Our master estimators carefully assess the drawings and designs and plan precise site work departures of material and work together with worker hours using the most recent programming innovations in estimation. Every other aspect, such as construction equipment, protection, coordination, security, grants, and so forth, is also taken into account.

roofing estimating services


The proper tools are needed to introduce a pitched or flat rooftop and to complete the project estimate. Concerning visiting the construction site, don’t worry. There’s no need to measure everything by hand. The staff at COMET Estimating LLC will assist in creating an estimation plan with less inaccuracy. Our improvement estimators are the finest in the trade and are committed to giving nothing less than the foremost great. Just for you, everything is finished.

drywall estimating services


Our company has a skilled team of engineers with a solid market reputation. With our critical organizations, we have catered to a combination of clients.. Our specialists are certified and have a solid reputation for their wide data. Their primary goal is to provide valuable services while also satisfying their customers.

demolition estimator


The demolition services may rely on COMET Estimating LLC’s full spectrum of professional services for demolition contractors. Remember that building something new is equally as tricky as demolishing an old one. Our expert demolition team can finish any work quickly and safely. Suitable for use by businesses large and small, as well as government organizations.

concrete estimating services


You may put an end to your anxiety over creating paper plans and missing deadlines. The most efficient and accurate calculations from COMET Estimation LLC. We will satisfy your needs for detail rebar takeoff and concrete estimating services.


landscape estimator


An enormous amount of processing and quantity go into earthwork. It involves a great deal of complicated effort and additional calculating work. A team is required to ensure that the work is completed flawlessly. 

Construction Estimate & Quantity Takeoff

How To Begin With Us!

Submit Your Drawing Plans

As soon as we receive your drawings and specifications, we will prepare a detailed price outlining everything from the invoice to the turnaround time and delivery date. All drawings (including Bid sets, Schematics, Design Development Documents, Construction Documents, and Conceptual Drawings) are welcome in PDF format. The 'Contact Us' page makes it simple to send us files by Dropbox or a portal link or to upload them directly.

Request a Quote

The estimate will be sent to you within minutes after we've reviewed your plans. If you accept, the bill can be paid with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Jointly, we'll go to perform on your project straight away.

Get Your Estimate

A thorough estimate, including specific amounts of materials, labor hours, and associated costs, will be provided at your request. Our takeoff sheets and cost estimates are delivered in EXCEL format, according to our standard style, or modified to meet your needs.

Our Clients

  • General Contractors
  • Homebuilders
  • Subcontractors
  • Developer
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Architects
  • Vendors
  • Designers

Professional Construction Cost Estimation Services

Commercial Estimating

Our estimators are qualified to deliver precise and thorough takeoffs and estimates since they have experience working on a wide range of commercial projects. We pledge to offer cost-effective, accurate, and appropriate commercial building estimation services.

Our past successes include tasks that needed precise estimates and material takeoffs and ranged in size from $10 million to several hundred million dollars. Hospitality venues, as do restaurants, warehouses, airports, theatres, shops, schools, libraries, and recreation centres, fall within this broad category. Clients ranging from commercial and general contractors to subcontractors and commercial developers to lenders, designers, and architects are all within our sphere of expertise.

Our thorough commercial estimates include everything from bid and design estimates to material and labour takeoffs.

Residential Estimating

We have been providing 99% accuracy residential estimates for few years ago. We know everything about residential projects and plans. We are providing our residentials services according to the customer demand.

As well, our clients cover residential contractors, proprietors, architects, and lenders. Alternatively, we provide free price quotes for building additions, remodels, and new construction.


Industrial Estimating Services

Using an exacting process, our estimators always produce wide industrial estimates that mirror the passionate necessities of the Strategy and management firm. Process pipes, instruments & controls, channels, co-generation, power, oil & gas, and chemical presentation establishments are just some of the new types of industrial projects we estimate.

Civil Estimating Services

As a squad, we’re experienced. Our staff is well-versed in the initial work of estimating and taking products of quantities for civil projects. Consequently, we have knowledge helping plan and estimate takeoffs for major civil works projects. We have been obliged with tasks that demanded sourcing and likening material costs. Our service includes the estimation of highway measurements in California.

Construction Estimating Services for Public Sector

Regarding public sector projects, COMET Estimating LLC is well-versed and experienced in delivering exact construction estimating services nyc. Our clients in this market include construction firms, real estate firms, design firms, and government mechanisms. Our estimators have comprehensive knowledge of government jargon, contract languages, and construction submission paperwork. In addition, each trade is diverged into distinct CSI categories, and our estimates include in-depth knowledge with exact line item characterizations. This is where we feel most accomplished:

  • Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC)
  • US Embassy
  • US Air Force
  • Long Island Power Authority (LIPA)
  • US Navy
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)
  • US Army
  • Environmental Protection Agency (CALEA)
  • Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC)
  • Florida Department of Transportation (DOT)

Our Material Takeoffs

Our software is unparalleled in its ability to perform accurate takeoffs of all types of resources, including time and labour. Our expertise in a broad range of building projects permits us to estimate material and labour costs more precisely. We have affordable takeoff options with local expenses determined by your postal code. Concrete, drywall, timber, roofing, plumbing, mechanical systems, earthwork, electrical installations, waterproofing, damp-proofing, and more are just some of the materials for which our professionals can provide accurate takeoffs. Firestop, fireproofing, painting, site work, structural steel, doors, windows, landscaping, and irrigation are just some of our many services. We may estimate construction costs in several ways, including CSI item codes within the client’s layout or template.

Our Construction Estimators

The combined years of expertise of our expert building estimators exceeds five years. We have qualified estimators, engineers, field experts, and administrators committed to assisting the construction industry with accuracy and punctuality. They are capable of providing estimates for both commercial and residential structures. The scope of their duties includes:

  • Preparing material Takeoffs and Estimates
  • Preparing the markup plans
  • Streamlining Client Bidding Network Profiles and Bid Management Assessing
  • Budget Feasibility for Owners and Lenders Crafting Comprehensive Bidding
  • Proposals and Estimates for Subcontractors
  • Design estimates for architectural and engineering firms
  • Preparing preliminary estimates for the contractors

Our Building Estimating services

Regarding construction cost estimates, no one does it better than our company. The details provided here are guaranteed to be 100% accurate. We understand the requirement to hire a professional building cost estimator to deliver reliable construction estimating services nyc. This is why we offer our takeoffs for any building work, whether brand-new or renovated. We provide accurate estimates and takeoffs for every project stage, from initial planning to final design and construction records.

We quickly and easily share designs into state-of-the-art programs like Planswift for precise on-screen takeoffs. As a result, we can quickly and easily measure a broad scope of numbers with just a few clicks of the mouse. Because of their expertise and experience, our construction estimators can generate reliable building cost estimates using cutting-edge software. As a result, we work with an exhaustive range of contractors to provide them with estimation services for buildings.



Leading the Way in Projects

In the buildup to our multiplex services, we provide our clients with leading the way in projects.  To maintain this, we work with bidding professional experts and with a bidding company. We are pleased that our pricing service has been listed in such well-respected directories as the BBB, the Blue Book Network, and the Yellow Pages


Areas We Serve

Looking for an ‘estimating company near me’? Your search ends here. Our construction estimators provide construction estimating services across USA, UK, and  Canada.

The skilled team at COMET Estimating LLC contains experts in construction estimating, material takeoff, drafting, and project management. Our online estimate services are quick and flexible to meet your needs anywhere we operate.


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GC Projects

We deal in all CSI Trades like which includes Commercial, Residence, Hospital and Hotel Projects it covers almost all big projects

Drywall Takeoff

If you are looking for the estimation of drywall cost, then MSB can be estimated that you can provide detailed and accurate drywall takeoff. Drywall are soil, repair, installation costs, shetroch quantities, and more different factors, and you need to consider when preparing any Drywall Takeoff estimate.

our drywall service include

Gypsum boards

gypsum board ceilings


Metal/wood studs

Drywall taping

Tracks for studs

Drywall mudding


electrical estimating

looking for electrical estimation services to take cost estimation or electrical materials,

some of the electrical estimating services that we provide to our clients are:

New Construction Electrical Cost Estimates

Residential Electrical Estimating

Commercial Electrical Estimating

Electrical Material Takeoff Sheets

Electrical Project Management


Electrical Work Cost Per Square Foot

Residential Estimation

Residential estimation or material Leaf is the process of measuring the necessary quantity to build a home or other domestic building. The basis of its construction project depends on the flow of the entire construction work.

Steel Estimation

we provide metal estimation services for contractors, clothes, frames, distributors and many other buyers. Verified and accurate content produces production costs help reduce, prevent waste and protect the environment. for steel estimating, we deal with all decks, trusses, fences, stud framing, gratings, joists, and casting. This helps to describe and acquire effectively.

Lumber Takeoff

A typical lumber takeoff includes the count of wood elements like blockings, wooden posts, headers above openings, wall studs, wood beams, etc.

Concrete Estimating

We offer thorough and reliable concrete estimating services to contractors. Our concrete takeoffs and estimates include foundation, footing, slabs, blocks, pavers, driveways, garage, basement takeoffs, parking lots takeoffs, etc

MEP Estimating

Our MEP services include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. With our separate department of expert MEP estimators, we cover everything in our MEP estimates. These estimates include HVAC, sheet metal, ductwork, process piping, pipe insulation, instrumentation & controls, etc.

Masonry Estimating

In our takeoffs, we quantify each and everything in the masonry trade with details and descriptions. These include concrete blocks, bricks, stones, glazed tiles, facing bricks, architectural precasts, marbles, precast lintels, precast sills, steels, and others. Further, for every masonry element,

Earthwork Estimating

If you need a quantity of land for changes in excavation, backfill, shielding, or patriotism, we can help you in this regard.

Commercial estimation

is the process of estimating the cost, time, and resources needed to complete a specific commercial project. This can include estimating design costs, creating estimates for construction or manufacturing services, and calculating advertising expenses

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